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The Holmes Family

Mycroft’s plans don’t always go smoothly. 

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imagine sherlock and john walking purposefully along because they’re on a case and then sherlock sees a red setter puppy and immediately kneels down and starts stroking their ears and saying “hi, baby” in a slightly higher pitch and john has never been so confused in his life

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And I issue you a challenge: Go find a fic you’ve never read and read it, or pick one you love and just haven’t commented on, and leave a quick little positive note. I’ve done mine today, will you?

excellent notion!

And this idea jumps the queue. Bonus points if it’s by a lesser-known author, but really, this is a very good idea.

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I woke up to two anonymous messages this morning, or perhaps one person who was offended enough to bother messaging me twice. I made a passing comment yesterday about Mary dodging a bullet when you saw how restrained John was compared to the Lester character in Fargo, and apparently some people found that language a bit offensive. I know, two messages is nothing and I don’t mean to make a play for sympathy (other people have apparently had a much harder 24 hrs than me and deserve it much more). But they did alert me that at least a few people thought I wanted Mary dead.

Let me be absolutely clear on this point. It was a badly-chosen piece of language. I have no desire to see Mary die, at John’s hand or anyone else’s. In fact, I can’t think of anything more likely to make me back quickly away from the Sherlock fandom than having one character intentionally kill the character played by his wife. As someone who’s volunteered at a DV shelter and has seen things I can’t really forget, I think that would be a bit too much crossing of the streams for me to be comfortable with it. I was impressed, though, by the sheer breadth of Martin’s acting ability, his ability to show tightly-controlled rage and also the slightly absurd lack of control we see in Fargo. I was saying it quickly and I made a poor word choice. And that’s really all that was going on there.

On the larger issues, I tried to work out just what was going on this morning, because there’s clearly a lot of people frustrated in the Sherlock fandom about something. As near I can figure (and Sherlock really is a huge fandom and I can only claim to have seen a tiny slice), some Johnlock shippers who think Mary is irredeemable went too far and there was a bit of a pushback against everyone who ships Johnlock and thinks Mary is irredeemable - which, out of fairness, seems to have sparked a bit of pushback from said group against people who think Mary is a good, likeable character with no real moral baggage in need of explaining. I’m not saying the two groups are equally in the wrong here (I haven’t seen nearly enough to make that kind of judgment), but I do see a lot of reduction to what you might call Mary-haters and Mary-apologists. So I thought I’d put myself out there as proof there is a middle ground.

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can you document the exact moment your life started going downhill?


i can


me too


can’t forget this one



nothing is more accurate.

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in what universe would you see this gif and be like “that’s probably martin freeman”


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This is seriously the greatest thing ever. It has captured the essence of all three of these incarnations. Fantastic!

there is nothing I don´t love about this post


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Even TV Guide ships it.

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John and Mycroft heard you weren’t signed up for Holmestice yet. Mycroft couldn’t (and didn’t) believe it; frankly, John was just a bit disappointed.

Sign-ups are open through the 20th. Read more about this challenge here.


I’ve been really enjoying the scene in The Empty Hearse when Sherlock investigates the fake Jack the Ripper case and gets tormented by his inner John. It’s actually one of my favorite scenes in season three because, while it’s heartbreaking, it’s really cool because we’re finally getting to see…

A rather interesting meta on the “Jack the Ripper” scene in TEH. Highly recommended.


Pocket map of London, c. 1890

Fantastic! Will be printing.

For you Doyle fanfic writers who just have to get your details right, this could be useful.

Also: where was this last month? It would have saved me no less than three trips to the library…

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In which my dash does a thing.